Automation will increase the unemployment Myth Vs Reality


Nowadays people are talking about Automation/Artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will impact on their Jobs.
There are already several articles and blogs have been published by very experienced marketing/business analysts.
I want to share my point of view from a “common man” prospective not as a marketing/business analysts prospective and I want to relate the things with our day to day routine.
Before going to into any conclusion whether Automation will increase the unemployment let me put some examples here -
1-If you remember there was an era of 1990 where it has been told that computer kills clerk’s/Admin staff’s jobs.
2-In 2000 it has been told that due to cell phone all the PCO shops will get closed and PCO worker will be unemployed, the reality is more jobs created in the form of new electronic stores, mobile repairing shops, e-commerce websites to sell the mobiles (courier delivery boy and the payment gateway).
3-Very recently it has been told that Hadoop and Big data will eat IT market and people who are working on Sql or ETL will lose their jobs but question is has it happened? Answer is no even Hadoop and big data is struggling itself to gain the confidence of customer.
The logic given in support of Automation/AI is that it will automate the process and no back office analyst/developer/tester/support admin staffs are required to keep tracking the history of customer or provide the solution to the customer as it will do most of jobs automatically.
By going with this logic so many white/blue-collars people will lose their jobs. And Once less jobs(or layoffs started) in the market for blue/white-collars people then their primary focus will be to get survived with spending of minimum amount of money and people will go into saving mode in their day to day routines like-
•        To watch movie on theatre (having pop-cos/cold drinks during intervals)
•        Purchase branded costly cloths,
•        Stop/Reduce going with family to spend quality time on weekends/holidays/picnic
•        Stop/Reduce using radio taxies
•        Stop/Reduce spending on restaurants and hotels
•        Reduce using inteet
•        Cut down their spending to purchase the electronic items, which they earlier don’t even thing about twice to purchase/exchange
•        No investment in real estate
•        Private school will have less no of children as it will be very difficult to send for a parents to send in to school who charges approximately 1 to 4 lac per annum fees
•        Encourage to withdraw less amount of cash from banks
•        Stop buying new vehicles
•        Stop investing in stock market and so many other things.
•        Also due to unemployment Govement will get less revenue collection and infrastructure development will get hamper and there will be lot of pressure on them to generate more and more jobs and provide skill based training to the people.
If all of sudden above mentioned things are going to happen then there will be very less customer’s data will be available in industries like -Banking and Finance, Traveling, Manufacturing , Automobile, Airline, E-Commerce, Entertainment and Hotel ,advertising and supply chain industries to analyse and not sure why the industries/software companies will invest millions of dollars to purchase the Automation/AI tool which will have to wait for huge volume data to flow through in it for analysis purpose whereas less number or customer's data can be analysed using an excel sheet.
It’s good that due to easy accessibility of inteet we get all the news very quickly and start reacting on it especially when it is related to our “Jobs”. I also agree that we should ready to adopt the technological changes and always be ready to lea new things but at the same time we should also   think about broader prospective of any technological change/transformation.
For me, automation is encouraging the people to upgrade their skills and “Change the Current Job Profile” but certainly not “Lose the Current Job Profile”.

 (Personal thought on this topic)