How to prepare for an interview


Step 1- What to bring with you 

• Plan yourself for interview 2 days ahead (2 days ahead means 2 days ahead)

• Take 2 copies print out of the resume and put it into your bag/folder, make sure that you took print out of the same version of resume which you have sent out to HR/Recruiter while applying for the job also your name, contact number and email id is mentioned at the very first page

• A notepad and a pen

• Carry some short notes with you , this would help out to overcome the last moment pressure .For example if you are from Sql background then keep some frequently asked Sqls ready with you like :- Top/Bottom 2 salary of employee, delete duplicate record, how to get middle records etc.

• One Water bottle and some food items like –Biscuit/fruits as sometimes interview location is on remote area and you don’t get even cup of tea for refreshment .Also please don’t change your daily breakfast routine and  have same breakfast which you eat on daily routine(especially people who take tea/coffee in breakfast, please have it else you will have headache)

• Note down references of your two friends/colleagues in paper and carry with you 

• Keep two sets of ironed cloths (Decide on final day which one you would like to wear )

• Formal shoes(polished)

• Keep change money in your wallet/pocket in order to avoid the unnecessary argument with taxi/cab/auto driver

• Enquire your interview location using Google map/give a call to consultant to make sure that you are going at correct location as sometimes it creates confusion due to big campus or unknown location

Step 2 - One Day before interview

• Re-visit the points which are mentioned in step 1

• Revise the Job Description of the post which you have applied for

• Go through the company profile like :- about us ,company’s history, worldwide presence domain area and expertise

• Read out your resume thoroughly( 2-3 times )to make sure that you know each and every points you have mentioned in your resume

• Do interview practice 2-3 times in front of mirror(this will boost your confidence and improves your body language)

Step 3 - On the day of Interview

• Reach the interview venue before time

• Avoid talking too much to your colleagues(if they are also there) 

• Avoid talking to other candidates because for some of them it will be fun event or they just wanted to attend the interview to get some experience out of this but for you it’s the matter of shaping your career in more better way

• Try to grab chair in first/last row at coer and don’t think about interview just think about past moment(any moment) which made you happy 

Step 4- General interview processes and tips

There are generally 3 sections of any interview 

1- Introduction round where you speaks about yourself and explain the project

2- Technical questions based on your key skills, tools and technology and technical scenario based questions, generally interviewer ask the problems he is currently facing in his project and wanted to know your approach how to resolve it

3- Behavioural questions, like- how to motivate the team members or you are ok with night shifts or you are ok with working on week ends


• Wish your interview panel as soon as you meet with him

• Firm handshake if he approaches you first

• Sit up straight and be comfortable

• If you don’t know the answer of any particular scenario, humbly say that I could not get a chance to face this type of scenario and at the same time try to give the best possible approach to resolve the scenario

• Don’t argue with interviewer in case he thinks that your answer is incorrect (interviewer is also like us and sometimes even less knowledgeable person then you are taking your interview. He came with certain mind set and if you hurt his EGO he never get you selected so please be careful(it’s very important)

• Once the interview is over say thanks to him and take all your belongings with you(never left anything at desk)

• Last but not the least -Don’t think much about interview because facing an interview /changing a job is just a small part of our life and selection is based on your luck factor too.

So keep the negative thoughts away from your mind and make yourself happy and always be positive.